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Oliver and the EarlyBird Flight Club team are constantly searching for wanderlust inducing U.K. flight deals ready to send to you via SMS, Messenger or Email. It’s what we live for (well and traveling..hehe)


Blimey, somebody has accidentally listed return flights to Hawaii from London for only £100. Good job Oliver and the team found it and messaged it straight to you.


You did it, you followed the easy instructions in the message we sent you and booked super cheap £100 return flights to Hawaii. Dont forget the passport and swim shorts, its going to be epic.

recent U.K. deal

London round trip to Cancun

£209 (normal fare £650)

~ Manifesto ~

We are EarlyBird Flight Club and we live by the philosophy that too much of a good thing is probably a good thing. The best plan is no plan and pursuit of travel is a nobel one.

All hail the rogue, the rascal & the wanderlust.

We have away to deal with outsiders, invite them to the beach for a swim.

Oliver @ EarlyBird Flight Club



Our little flight club is free to receive wonderlust inducing flight deals. We have a premium version that works out at less than £1.00 per week, which helps us keep the (f)lights on 💡.



“Actually the best thing you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.”  Travel is the most wonderful, inspiring gift and we want to help you give it to yourself and everybody around you.



Some of the deals we send are ridiculous by the most ridiculous standards, though most will just help you save a few £100’s of pounds on your next adventure. We think thats so worth it.



Collect moments not things. Explore the world and experience the life changing opportunities. EarlyBird Flight Club helps you, do it without breaking the bank.



Messages are kind of annoying. So we try our best to keep things fun and light hearted. You can expect LOL inducing memes, the odd CAT GIF and of course lots of quirky quotes mixed in with awe-inspiring flight deals.



A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world. We want to help you tap into your inner wanderlust and see amazing parts of this beautiful planet we live on more often. 

recent deals departing from U.K. Airports

London round trip to Bangkok

£320 (normal fare £600)

Manchester round trip to Miami

£360 (normal fare £550)

Birmingham round trip to Shannon

£10 (normal fare £80)

London round trip to Tel Aviv

£125 (normal fare £225)

Frequently Ask Questions

Is it Free?

Yes it is completely free of charge to sign up to. 🍾

Are you paid by airlines?

NO we have never been or will never be paid by an Airlines to promote an offer. Our flight club is for the people. 🙌

Which airports?

We send flight deals from a huge range of airports across the U.K. to airports around the world. 🌏

How many Messages will I receive?

Regular members receive between 5 and 8 Messages per month. Premium members will receive between 20 and 30 Messages per month. 💻

Do you cover short haul?

Yes indeed. We send some fantastic short haul offers. Sometimes these are out of this world cheap. 🌍

Do you cover long haul?

OH YES, long haul is our bread and butter. We 100% send the most pound for pound savings with long haul. 🛫🛬

What is Flight Club Premium?

Premium members enjoy access to every flight deal we find, circa 20 – 30 per month. Click here to find out more. PREMIUM

p.s its REALLY CHEAP 💃

Do I book through you?

Nope all the instructions you need to book the deal will be on the Messages. We’ve made it super simple. 👏

Arn't you a snack company?

Oliver founded the brand EarlyBird Snacks in 2015 but unfortunately that didn’t work out. Fate would have it people really loved the brand, so it was reborn as a flight club following some traveling. 🍿

I haven't received any emails?

Oh those pesky spam filters, we’re so obviously not spam. The best thing to do is add [email protected] to your address book under Oliver EB. If its still an issue email me directly and I’ll help sort it 👍.

How can I help you?

If you have saved money on a flight and want to give back then just tell me what an awesome holiday you’ve had. That is genuinely what I do this for 😀

Can I work at EarlyBird?

Yeh we do have some amazing job openings. Just send an email to me [email protected] and I’ll let you know what is available. 🏋️‍♀️

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